When does the app become available in Google Play and the AppStore?

The LIFX app is now available on both app stores: Apple App Store / Google Play

How much does LIFX cost? 
LIFX costs $99 USD for an individual bulb, $95 per bulb for orders of 4 or more plus applicable taxes, shipping, and customs. To verify any additional charges applicable to your country please contact your country's customs officials, or for estimations tools like http://dutycalculator.com can give an indication.

What are the current payment methods?   
We accept payment via Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, JCB and Diners Club currently.

How do I confirm and update my shipping address?   
Simply email support@lifx.co and so long as your order isn't being processed, we will be able to update your address.

What’s the ETA for the SDK? 
We do not have a firm timeline to offer for the release of the SDK release but please be assured it is a high priority to us. Subscribe to http://blog.lifx.co or follow our updates on Facebook and Twitter to stay informed. 

Where do I submit my feedback? 
Your suggestions and thoughts are very important to us! We follow all your comments on Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Hacker News, etc. and listen to your suggestions for future product upgrades and releases.

Product FAQ 

Can someone take control of my lights? 
Security is extremely important to us and we are utilising the latest encryption to ensure your bulbs are secure from unwanted users. Each light is ultimately as secure as the security of your home network - meaning only people you’ve given WiFi access to will have the capacity to control your lights.

Always ensure your network is password secured and that you are careful who you give access to.

Can I control my lights from multiple devices?
Maybe you want to control your lights through your phone and your tablet? Or via more than one phone? No problem. Just download the app to each device and you’re good to go.

How do I connect my bulbs to my home WiFi?
Every LIFX bulb has a WiFi chip onboard, and can talk wirelessly to your router, iOS and Android devices. The bulbs all talk to each-other via a low-powered 802.15.4 mesh network.

Will LIFX bulbs work on a dimmer switch?
We are working on a clever little feature into the software that will enable you to use your traditional dimmer to dim the LIFX bulbs. However, the best bet is to dim from the app itself as it gives you 100% control of lumens, color temperature and range.

Is there a warranty?
We are still working out the exact details of the warranty for the LIFX bulbs, but there will be a 2 year warranty.  To ensure that we comply with the legal requirements across a number of different countries, we decided its best that we seek legal advice to ensure that we are compliant.  As soon as we have this information we will update you all.

Are the bulbs suitable for outdoor use?
No. The bulbs have been developed for indoor purposes. We may make an outdoor version down the track.

Where can I find more information on the bulbs? (dimensions, etc)
We have created a series of info sheets for each of our bulbs including dimensions, weight, power usage, etc. These can be found here:

Info sheet - A21 Edison Screw

Info sheet - A21 Bayonet Cap

Info sheet - GU10 Downlight


None of these FAQs answer your question?
Please shoot us an email at support@lifx.co and we'll be more than happy to give you a hand.